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About Us

CucinaKids originated from a place of love – a love for all things food and cooking. It began in the kitchen with two curious boys who wanted to chop, peel and pour, smell all the ingredients and were adventurous enough to try everything (if only once). This passion grew to a desire to create a community of other like-minded souls who were equally interested in trying new flavours and learning new skills. These boys are the inspiration and driving force behind CucinaKids.


CucinaKids is a kid-driven community dedicated to supporting kids on their culinary journey. Through CucinaKids, we encourage this group of food lovers to be creative, independent, respectful of others and learn to take risks. They will have fun, be curious and explore! 


We will learn new cooking skills and techniques along the way but the emphasis is not on getting it perfect. It’s about getting your hands sticky, your counters dusty and your floor a little messy. 


The most memorable moments in life often happen around food – let’s try and make these moments happen more often and last longer. These are the moments where we gather together, without distraction, to share stories and create new ones. 


Join us as we bring joy to our kitchens, laughter to our tables and cook up some memories!

Our Story: Our Story

Proudly Canadian!

CucinaKids recognizes the beauty and bounty that Canada offers - from its farms, fields, forests and lakes. Canada is a multicultural society with a globe of culture and cuisine within its borders. CucinaKids celebrates this diversity by highlighting and celebrating the various origins and ethnic backgrounds that make this nation a beautiful mosaic. 

Meet The Team

As a kid-driven community, we as parents and caregivers are solely the passengers on their journey and not the drivers. Our goal is to support them! 

As supporting cast members, here’s who we are:


Matteo Biscaro

Co-Founder & Chief Tasting Officer (CTO)


Adela Banaczyk-Biscaro

Co-Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer (CIO)


Loretta Biscaro-Smith

Director of Culinary Networking 


Shannon Smith

Director of Storytelling

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